Tuesday, October 03, 2017

2017 Bowman Chrome - All the Dodgers Insert Cards

I had failed to previously mention that both Cody Bellinger and Aaron Judge appear on the boxes of Topps 2017 Bowman Chrome cards. Check out an example on the right.

Below are all of the Dodgers insert cards found in packs. Unfortunately, there are a ton of redemption cards inserted instead of the actual autographed cards. Cody Bellinger and recently traded prospect Willie Calhoun are only available as an redemption.

Also, there are a couple of short printed Calhoun cards available that feature him holding the MVP trophy for the Arizona Fall League Falls Stars Game in 2016. That evening he went 3-for-3, with a two-run homer.

Chrome Prospect Autographs

#CPA-JSB Josh Sborz        #CPA-MW Mitchell White

#CPA-SH Starling Heredia        #CPA-YD Yusniel Diaz

Chrome Rookie Autographs

  • #BCAR-CB Cody Bellinger -- redemption card

Chrome Autograph Relics

  • #CAR-AV Alex Verdugo -- redemption card
#CAR-WC Willie Calhoun

2016 Arizona Fall League Fall Stars

#AFL-AV Alex Verdugo

#AFL-CB Cody Bellinger

#AFL-WC Willie Calhoun

#AFLS-WC Willie Calhoun

2016 AFL Fall Stars Autographs

  • #AFL-WC Willie Calhoun -- redemption card
  • #AFLS-WC Willie Calhoun -- redemption card -- short printed card
#AFL-AV Alex Verdugo

2016 AFL Fall Stars Relics

#AFLR-CB Cody Bellinger            #AFLR-WC Willie Calhoun

2016 AFL Fall Stars Autograph Relics

  • #AFLR-WC Willie Calhoun -- redemption card

Bowman Scouts' Updates

#BSU-WB Walker Buehler

Bowman Scouts’ Updates Autographs

#BSU-WB Walker Buehler

Chrome Sensation Autographs

  • #CSA-SH Starling Heredia -- redemption card
  • #CSA-WC Willie Calhoun -- redemption card

Prime Chrome Inscription Autographs

  • #BIA-WC Willie Calhoun -- redemption card

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