Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Dodger Christmas Card and a Letter to a Fan at BST Auctions

With the Baseball world's attention focused on the playoffs, I thought it would be a nice little respite before the start of this evenings Game 4 to point to an auction currently ongoing. Shown here are a couple of Dodgers related items that jumped out at me in BST's current auction.

Since the holidays are just around the corner I though the above 1955 Dodgers Christmas card would be fun to point out. (Auction Link) As you know, this year was the franchises first championship, so naturally their Christmas card had to reflect that. Above is both the front and back of the card. Below is a team photograph that was placed inside. As you can see, it reads on the reverse:

Good Old 1955
April 21 -- Ten in a row for a Major League getaway record
July 10 -- 11 1/2 game lead at All-Star break
September 8 -- Earliest National League Pennant clincher
October 4 -- Thanksgiving Day came early 
Wait Til Next Year! 
with good wishes from all the Dodgers

I hadn't written about one of these in awhile so when I came across this group of letters from a fan to former Dodger Dolph Camilli I knew I had to pass it along. (Auction Link) It is currently available at BST's current auction.

In this correspondence a young lad named Roger Barry from Weymouth, Mass. decided to write to a first baseman named Dolph Camilli. At the time Dolph was a 28-year old Baseball lifer with the Phillies who was just starting to get his Major League career going. He had spent eight years toiling in the minors before finally getting his shot, and he would still be couple years away from becoming the high-impact player Brooklyn knew him for.

Anyway, here is what the kid wrote:
I am a young first baseman and I would appreciate a little advice. On low throws is it better to try and block the throw or get it on the bounce? How do you swing at a ball to place it in left field? If you have one handy I would like an autographed picture. I am enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope and I hope you will answer.
Camilli responded:
On low throws I stretch out and try to catch them. Most of them that are not caught usually are stopped. 
To hit to left field (left handed hitter) the ball is hit at a little later and sort of pushed in that direction. 
Hope this answers your questions.
Unfortunately, that's not exactly the words of a dutiful teacher. I'm sure with face-to-face instruction he'd do a better job of explaining things. Regardless, there is one thing I do what to know. Please tell me if Roger ever got that autograph photo.

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