Wednesday, December 13, 2017

2017 Sportscrate - Final Figurine has Arrived - Joc Pederson

The last of goodies from the 2017 Sportscrate subscription arrived a few weeks back, so I figured I should finally take a moment to put it up. Featured here is the Joc Pederson figurine that was suppose to come in the September edition of Sportscrate.

As you may know, Sportscrate offered a first-of-its-kind team-specific monthly subscription crate service this past season, and fell a bit behind when it came to some of the exclusive items in the crate. Specifically, they went back to the drawing board on the final two player-figurines -- claiming that subscriber feedback lead to changes in physical attributes and better joint articulation.

Overall, I love the detail of the figurines, and these new updated toys do appear to be better made -- they at least stand up without falling over in a heap.

On a side note, Sportscrate will be doing business in 2018, and like a rube I signed up again. I did so, not because it's such a great deal for fans (you probably get even money), but because I just love it when these boxes arrive. It's like Christmas every month.

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