Friday, June 09, 2006

The Dodger Farm

Dodger Thoughts points to a great Daily News article about the Dodgers Director of Player Development Terry Collins. He has been an important cog in the Dodgers recent success with its rookies.
The laid-back, congenial (Logan) White is the man generally credited with building the Dodgers' pool of minor-league talent. (Terry) Collins, who is part drill sergeant and part father figure, is the man who is developing them. Or, as he would prefer to put it, the man who hired the managers and coaches who are developing them.
There is a great story about his influence on Mariano Duncan.
Mariano Duncan was done with baseball. Or so he thought...

"I was so upset that I packed all my stuff," said Duncan, now the Dodgers' first-base coach. "I was going home to the Dominican."

That's when Terry Collins... gave him a typically Collins-esque pep talk.

"I felt he needed to be challenged, and he needed to face that challenge," Collins said. "I told him he was going to continue to battle, that he wasn't quitting and that he needed to get his (rear end) out there and get better until he got back to the big leagues."

The discussion was loud, one-sided and not for the easily offended. But it was effective.

Mariano endedup with a long Major League career.

Check it out.

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