Friday, July 14, 2006

A 14 Inning Hanging Change Up

It's the 14th inning of a 2-2 contest. Our bullpen had been exhausted of their main relief corps. Carrara, Broxton, Beimel, Saito had already gone to the mound. A potential all morning affair was in the works. It was time to bring in the long man.

Odalis came in and had to face a formidable line-up; Taguchi, Pujols, Rolen and then Edmonds. That looks pretty scary. But, its not scarier than watching Odalis Perez pitch. He has been absolutley terrible this year, and the lack of work the past few months has only contributed to his continued poor play. Pitching is not only about having great stuff, but it's about having the confidence to throw what you have. You have to trust your talents. Odalis said after the game.
"My confidence isn't the same anymore. It's killing me as a professional and it's killing my career.
Odalis came in and threw a hanging change up on the outside corner on a 3-1 count that had Pujols swinging with a big smile. It was a deep drive to left. The outfielders did not turn to watch it. The infielders refused to watch as they ran into the dugout. Odalis Perez looked like a deer staring straight into the headlight of an oncoming car. Bang! Your dead. Home Run!

Dodgers lose. Odalis crumbles in the clubhouse. What to do next?

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