Monday, August 14, 2006


All day I've been sitting in my office wondering... 68... 68 pitches in 8 innings... How is that possible?

My only answer is that it's not. Last night did not happen. I'm convinced that I'm still asleep. It's Saturday night and the Sunday morning rising sun is about to wake me up. I'm in bed dreaming of Blue skies, Koufax like pitching and walk off homeruns. At any moment my dog will jump onto my bed and start licking my face.

I can hear my dog screaming at me now. "Wake up you lazy SOB! Get me some food! It better be that stuff in the can... that stuff is good!" I'll have to mumble back, "no... you're on a diet."

Fortunately, that has not happened yet. I still lay motionless in bed with dreams of beautiful Blue wonders. A visible smile, across my face, can be seen by all.

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