Tuesday, August 15, 2006

eBay Find: Billy Sunday Real Photo Postcard

This is one of the most unusual eBay items available right now. It is a Real Photo Postcard, circa 1920's- 1930's, of former 19th Century ballplayer and famed preacher Billy Sunday. What is unusual about this auction is that it's an actual postcard of Billy Sunday in a Baseball uniform. Other than the handful of vintage items available, like the one Old Judge card below, cards or photos of him in a uniform are difficult to find. This postcard is a rarity.

As some of you may know he played ball during Baseball's infancy. Billy was originally signed by Hall of Famer Cap Anson and was known as Baseballs fastest runner. In his first game he struck out four times- a record in Baseball at that point.
"It is said that the expression, "You can't steal first," originally referred to Sunday. "
In 1891, Billy Sunday, after becoming an devote Christian, left Baseball to become a street minister. The rest is history.

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