Thursday, April 26, 2007

No More Radio Delay

For those of you who enjoy going to the game with a mitt in one hand and a hand-held radio in the other can rest easy. No longer do you have to watch the game live only to hear it with a 7 second delay. No longer will you wait in line for the restrooms and hear dialog about a play long past. It will all be in sync soon. Starting this coming Wednesday broadcast of AM 980 will no longer be delayed.

Story Link: LA Times:

Photo Link: Farther Off the Wall:

Funny thing, as I searched the internet for a picture of a Dodger radio I stumbled upon a old story from late last year that had the perfect picture of what I was looking for and was related to AM 980. Click the Photo link above for a story about the radio station and the likelihood it may not be broadcasting Dodger games next year- the 2008 season. Has there been any follow-up on this? Are negotiations still ongoing, or will the Dodgers be looking for a new home next season? Will the McCourts seek to expand their revenue flow by purchasing their own station? Could this be a step towards an expanded Dodger media empire?

First we see Dodgers On Demand, then a Dodger-centric radio station, then a Dodger-centric cable channel. The possibilities are endless.

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  1. i'm very happy about this. the delay was ridiculous.


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