Tuesday, May 15, 2007

eBay: Recent Pick-Ups

Below are two items I recently won on eBay. Below is a 1951 American Nut & Chocolate premium pin of the Brooklyn Dodgers. It measures less than an inch in diameter. Certainly, it is not in the best condition, but it was available at a very affordable $5.00. I couldn't say no, especially since I don't already have one in my collection.
After all of the bickering and whining I did about seeing Gagne leave Dodger Blue for richer pastures in Texas I can't help but maintain a little bit of love for Mr. Game Over. His dominance as closer with his "Welcome to the Jungle" theme song blaring over the loudspeakers are memories I will never forget. He made staying the whole game in Los Angeles fashionable. Below is a 2005 Fleer Showcase Legacy Autographed card that I got for under $3.00. What a steal. The added benefit of seeing Gagne go is that his cards can be purchased at steep discounts.

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  1. Just found your blog today through stale gum/technorati. I like the collection posts you've done. By the way, I am a Rangers fan and at first I did not like the Gagne signing. I have great respect for him as a closer but I was concerned with the injury and the Rangers luck with pitchers. But, I have really enjoyed watching him pitch of late. This may turn out to be a great pickup for the Rangers. That is if we can get him some save oppurtunities.


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