Tuesday, June 26, 2007

eBay Wins: 3 Vintage Photos

I recently won these photos from eBay. The top pic is a 1st generation press photo of 2 Brooklyn Dodger fans screeching in agony. The back has a type written explanation of the afternoons going-ons. It is titled as "It Wuz a Tragedy--Moider."
Her face mirroring anguish, a female Dodger fan prays fervently for the tide to turn in favor of her "beloved" Bums. At another point in the Dodgers- Boston Braves game at Ebbets Field, Sept. 29th, a fan registers horror as the Dodgers go down in defeat, 4-0. The expressions were typical of the 30,756 fans who witnessed the game and saw their teams hopes for the pennant dimmed.
Below are two 1st generation original photos made by famed Baseball photographer George Burke. Wayne LeMaster is featured below. Immediately below him is Harry Taylor.

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