Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Who Would You trade for Johan Santana?

It appears the best pitcher in Baseball is a little miffed at the lack of activity by the Twins.
These were Johan Santana's words Tuesday after the non-waiver trade deadline passed without another trade: "I'm not surprised. That's exactly how they are. That's why we're never going to go beyond where we've gone"...

"It's not just about hope," Santana said. "In a realistic world, you have to really make it happen and go for it.

"You always talk about future, future. ... But if you only worry about the future, then I guess a lot of us won't be part of it," Santana said.

The two-time Cy Young Award winner wasn't smiling.

"Why waste time when you're talking about something that's always going to be like that? It's never going to be beyond this point. It doesn't make any sense for me to be here, you know?"...

"I've been here for eight years, and I've seen a lot of those kind of things," he said. "I've seen a lot of those guys [like Castillo] come in and leave. [The decision makers] don't care. They always talk about caring about it; I don't think they care.

"Because if you're always talking about having young players -- that's the philosophy the team has, and I respect all that -- but it's been proven that it's not enough to go all the way to the World Series"...

"I never give up," Santana said. "Me, personally, I never give up. It's over when the last game of the season's over. I don't know how these guys upstairs think. I'm expecting everybody else to do their jobs and help us win games because I've been so close to being in the World Series.

"A lot of these guys, they don't know. They're just happy to be here. Maybe that's how they like it upstairs, but I don't like it."

This guy wants to win. So, I ask, who would you trade for Johan?

When I think about it, Santana might be the only guy I would consider trading Kershaw for. Ethier, Hu, Kemp, Loney, Laroche, Abreu, Young, Meleon, Broxton and Orenduff would not be untouchables. He is that good. In fact, there are very few untouchable young Dodgers I would not trade for him.

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  1. How about Buchholz, Lester, Delcarmen, Hanson, Hansack, Moss or even Youklis. The Red Sox are loaded with people to trade. He is good enough to give up a good chunk of your best prospects.


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