Wednesday, August 01, 2007

OT: LA Kings- Jimmy Fox

I love The Daily News. Tony Jackson has been doing a great job with the Inside the Dodgers site and Rich Hammond's Inside the Kings blog has been no exception. It has been the go to site, providing the best news possible, for the information starved fans of the Kings nation.

Over the past several days he has collected numerous questions from the fans to pass along to LA Kings TV color commentator and former player Jimmy Fox. Knowing what a great all-around guy Fox is he was happy to answer every question. In fact, he wrote so much Hammond broke up the interview into 4 parts.

My favorite story from Fox is below.
From Patrick: Jim, what was the worst pummeling you got in a game? I know this wasn't your role, but perhaps you have a memory of a game that got particularly out of control.

Jim Fox: You're right...that wasn't my role...thank far as I can remember, I was only involved in 2 situations where I received 5 minutes for fighting and I don't think I threw a punch in either case.
The hardest I was hit is easy to remember now, but at the time, I has no idea what had was game at the Great Western Forum...I had the puck behind Buffalo's net and tried to bring it to the front...well Mike Foligno had other ideas...he lowered his shoulder and hit me full speed right in the jaw...I went spinning into the air and when I landed I had no idea where I was...I was never unconscious, but I was out of it...I do remember being on all fours on the ice...I looked around and it was all fuzzy...I said to myself, I know I can't get up, so just stay where you are
and Pete (Pete Demers, Kings trainer) will come and help you...that's exactly what happened...the next thing a knew I was sitting on the Kings bench with about 12 minutes remaining on the clock (1st period)...the next thing I knew, I was looking at the clock and there was about 2 minutes remaining...I leaned over to Dave Taylor on the bench and told Dave I thought the clock was broken...Dave then went to get Pete and he immediately took me to the dressing room...what I wasn't aware of was that I played 3 shifts that I couldn't remember then and still can't remember...then I remember taking a shower and then I was talking to the doctor but didn't remember anything about how I got in and out of the shower...the doctor asked me some questions about what I had to eat for pre-game meal that I got to the arena...I couldn't remember a thing...I was diagnosed with a slight concussion and missed about 3 days...not a fun time, but something I will always remember...I think?
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