Monday, September 17, 2007

Ecko Wins Bonds Ball And Will Let Fans Decide What He Should Do With It

I wanted so badly to not have to bother writing about the sale of the Barry Bonds home run ball at the recently concluded SCP/ Sotheby's auction. I did briefly mention it when I wrote about the Del Crandall collection,but that was all I was going to do. Unfortunately, a unusual twist of events has caused me to relent and write anyway.

As most of you know the Ball sold for $752,467.20 ($902,960.64 with the Buyer's premium). This was much higher that I thought it would sell for. The Buyer was fashion designer Marc Ecko who has decided that the ball will be in all of our hands. We get to choose it's fate.
Ecko is offering three choices: Donate it as is to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y.; brand it with an asterisk and donate it to the Hall of Fame; or put it on a rocket and blast it into space.

“I wanted ... to democratize the ball and to give the ball to the people, to give the ball to America.”
So check out his page for details and make your decision today. Hat Tip: SCD:
Vote Link: VOTE HERE:

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