Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You Da Man, Chad!

On Chad Billingsley's blog he provides a little bit of info about the Dodgers recent rookie hazing party.
A lot of people know about teams hazing their rookies and younger players. The vets had us do a little costume party after we finished the Chicago series. I was Robin Hood...no tights...got lucky. Other guys had it way worse, like Snow White, Popeye, a barely dressed fat woman, and others. When we got to San Fran. that night, the bus dropped us off about 6 blocks from the hotel, so we could show off our lovely outfits. It was quite entertaining. I'll work on getting some photos for all to see.
You will forever be a hero to this Dodger fan if you can show us some of those pics.

Chad Billingsley's Blog:


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