Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Don't Make Your Spring Training Plans Yet

This coming Spring will be the Dodgers last in Vero Beach, Florida. As you can imagine, as a result, Dodger fans are expected to come out in droves in hopes of experiencing Dodgertown one last time. Unfortunately, fans may start turning Blue. The Dodger exhibition schedule in Florida may be shorter than desired.
The Los Angeles Dodgers' scheduled final spring training at Dodgertown may be cut in half...

Los Angeles is one of several teams being considered for Major League Baseball's first games in China. Those exhibitions are tentatively set for March 15-16. If the Dodgers were selected for the China series, team officials have stated that they are also considering a stopover in Taiwan to play additional exhibition games.

Further, the Dodgers could then spend the remaining part of spring training in Arizona at the Oakland Athletics training complex in Phoenix. The A's facility would only be available if Oakland were selected to play the Boston Red Sox in a two-game, season-opening series in Japan on March 22-23.

It is not clear whether Los Angeles would continue to play spring training games at Dodgertown at the same time it was participating in exhibition games in China and Taiwan.

What a shame. Dodgertown's last hurrah may end up being nothing more than a whimper. I was hoping to get out there one last time, but now it looks like my plans may be foiled.

There is one glimmer of hope.
The 2008 Spring Training season will be the Dodgers 61st in Vero Beach. The team is scheduled to move to a new spring training complex in Glendale, Ariz., in 2009, however, the completion date for construction on that new facility has not been finalized. If it is not done in time for 2009, one option the Dodgers would have is to remain in Vero Beach.
2008 may not be the last Spring at Vero Beach.

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