Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Is Miguel Cabrera worth it?

Lately, I've been reading about the availability of Florida's thirdbase phenom Miguel Cabrera.

Is he a better match for the Dodgers than ARod?

On the positive side of the ledger:
  • Miguel Cabrera is younger (8 years younger than ARod by my count).
  • He fills a position we need.
  • In 4 1/2 years he has hit 138 homeruns, has 523 RBI's, is batting .313 and has a career OPS of .929.
  • A potential long term contract for Cabrera would be less than ARod's desired contract.
Negatives to Cabrera:
  • He has been getting a little round around the edges. You know what I mean? Weight issues can oftentimes be a precursor to future injury problems.
  • Rumors are that Florida is looking for 3 prospects (Rob at 6-4-2 mentions that Matt Kemp, Andy LaRoche and Clayton Kershaw are in Florida's sights.)
  • Although a future long term contract would be less than ARod's, it is still expected to be a large chunk of change. MLB Trade Rumors suggest that an 8 year $200 million price is being thrown around. That's $25 million a year.
  • At $25 million a year he would still throw a wrench in the Dodgers future planning. How will we be able to keep all of our homegrown shinning stars when they will undoubtedly command larger salaries when their time comes for free agency.
I guess you can say I do not envy Ned Colletti's job. After all, if he screws up he will forever be known as the devil that came down from San Francisco to ruin the Dodgers. If everything works out then he will achieve knighthood status.

All I do know is that the three names mentioned above as potential trade fodder is far too much to give up. In fact, I wound put Kemp and Kershaw in the untouchable column.

Here is what I would be happy with. Andy LaRoche, Andre Ethier and one of the following prospects (Hu, Abreu, Elbert or Meloan) for Miguel Cabrera. The deal would also be contingent on the signing of a long term contract. This package would still be better than what any other team can offer.

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