Friday, January 25, 2008

Thank You Tommy!

The world's greatest motivator made his way to the Staples Center last night for some good old hockey fun. There is nothing like sitting on the glass at center ice to watch a crosstown rivalry, dropping a ceremonial puck and watching two grown men on skates dance around while throwing blows at each other faces. Good Times.
As we all know, Tommy can convince a group of hens that they can take on a wolf. So, last night he gave the Los Angeles Kings a pre-game pep talk that any fan can see pumped up this team like never before. They came out skating, passing and hitting hard. Defensemen who had played a bit soft all season started checking Duck players hard against the boards. The Kings took control of the game and never looked back.

Thank you Tommy. I give you the top star of the game. BTW, the Kings beat the hated Ducks, 3 to 1.

UPDATE: I just found an article about Tommy's adventure at Staples.

Before he began Lasorda paced around the room like a caged tiger, and before you could blink he had launched into a vitriolic rave.

"How much of a price are you willing to pay?" shouted Lasorda.

"Who wants it more?" he demanded.

"Those guys are in the other locker room waiting to get out there and..."

The players stormed out of the locker room and onto the ice with an unquestionable resolve; it was a charge to victory.


In the elevator coming down from the press box Lasorda said, "When I'm driving home tonight, I want to rest in my chair with a smile knowing I've just tasted the fruits of victory."

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