Monday, February 25, 2008

Torre Speaks

The quotable Torre is captured by Baseball Prospectus.
"I guess it must be my nose, because people know who I am when I walk down the street."

"[Kemp] has been trumpeted as the heir apparent and a guy with a big upside, and it's all true, but there are certain subtleties and nuances. Andruw was young at one time. He can give a young player the benefit of his experience."

"Nomar's experience will certainly play into this thing. There are going to be tough decisions here, and when you have a lot of young players, they can't all play."
--Torre, on playing his young guys.
Here are some quotes about Torre.
"We had a quick chat on the field, and the main thing is he wanted me to know what to expect. I've got to listen to a guy with his experience. He pretty much said he wants me to have a day off a week."
--Dodgers catcher Russell Martin

"His demeanor is a kind of soothing, calm, classy approach. I think that works well with a club."
--Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti

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