Monday, February 25, 2008

This Just Makes Me Shake My Head

By all accounts Matt Kemp has come out of the gate this Spring playing very well. Unfortunately, he might have to share outfield duties this year with the other Dodger youngster Andre Ethier.
What is yet to be determined is how often Kemp will get that chance to scare pitchers. Torre has hinted at being open to a regular outfield alignment of Kemp in right and Ethier in left, which would force veteran Juan Pierre and his $8 million salary to the bench. But the more likely scenario is that Pierre will play because the Dodgers need his speed in the lineup.

Meanwhile, club officials like the idea of Ethier and Kemp jockeying for playing time on the theory that each one will push the other into becoming a better player.

No, No No! Both Kemp and Ethier deserve the opportunity to play regularly this year. I would love to see what 600 at-bats each might produce.

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