Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How's That for Fanaticism

So, your at your favorite sporting event sitting in the stands watching an exciting playoff game. Everything is moving too quickly. The game is so close and you dare not move. If you avert your eyes for just a second you might miss something.

Unfortunately, you need to pee. What I really mean to say is that you need to pee badly. You are clinching whatever muscles you have to delay the inevitable for just a moment longer. "When will play stop," you say to yourself, but you can't bring yourself to take your eyes off the game. This is quite a quandary. Do you stay and risk soiling yourself in front of everybody, or do you run to the nearest toilet in the hope that you don't miss anything?

As luck would have it, Lion in Oil let's us know about a third possibility. You could always just whip it out and pee on the people in front of you.
Officers were informed that the noted individual had been observed reaching into his pants with his hands and manipulating his hands inside his pants. According to event staff and event guests, the suspect then exposed himself and started urinating on event guests causing them to become hysterical and attempt to escape from the confined area.
Yes, this really did happen. In fact it happened this past Monday at a Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadians 1st round playoff hockey game in Boston. On top of that, in the Boston Police Department website detailing daily incidents they headline this act as, "Black and Gold Covered in Yellow."

Hat Tip: Lion in Oil:
Criminal Report: BPDNews:

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