Thursday, May 01, 2008

Six In A Row Baby!

You gotta love a 6 game winning streak, especially after such a terrible start.

In other thoughts, who needs Andruw Jones when you can get consistent production from Juan Pierre? Juan had a great game this afternoon. He played an instrumental part in the Dodgers first 3 runs of the game. He went 2 for 3 while scoring 1 run and knocking in 2.

I, like many bloggers, have expressed displeasure in the past about Juan Pierre. After all, he tends to swing at everything, doesn't take a lot of walks and hits flyballs like he's the second coming of Willie Mays Hayes. On the other hand, he has always been a beacon of consistency. He always bats near .300, will steal 50 to 60 bases a year and will score close to a 100 runs a year. The simple fact is that you know what your getting with Juan Pierre. With Andruw Jones it cost the team over $18Mil a year to find out what he has left. Unfortunately, Andruw is starting to look like an overpaid bust.

So right now I'm eating my words. Juan Pierre has an instrumental role on this team and today's game is an example of that.

RIP: Buzzie Bavasi passed away today.
“I don’t know where Roy Campanella and I would’ve been if Buzzie didn’t give us a chance at Nashua in 1946,” said Dodgers Director, Community Relations Don Newcombe. “I didn’t always do the right thing as a player, but Buzzie always gave me a chance to straighten myself out and get back on track. He was always in my corner and I’m very sorry to hear he has passed away. He and his wife Evit were the perfect couple and together they raised a beautiful family. Without Buzzie, Don Newcombe would not have been able to enjoy any success in professional baseball. He meant the world to me.”

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