Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An Unassisted Triple Play

Asdrubal Cabrera snags an unassisted triple play. It happened so fast it's easy to miss. Check out the video here from ESPN. ESPN then does a long analysis of the event below.

Video Link: ESPN:

UPDATE: I ran across an usual signed ball that is very pertinent to yesterdays unassisted triple play. Below is Seth Swirsky's signed Baseball featuring the signatures of all 13 players (not including Cabrera) to achieve an unassisted triple play. This has to be one of the rarest odd-ball signed Baseballs in existence. On top of that, he also has the glove Jimmy Cooney used to perform the unassisted triple play in 1927. Check it out here. Woops! I think I got this wrong. His ball has only the signatures of the 4 of the players: Furcal, Valentin, Tulowitzski and Valverde. It's still a great item nonetheless.Website Link: Seth.com:

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  1. Actually, you were right the first time: the baseball has all of the players who pulled off an unassisted triple play (he hasn't yet gotten Cabrera). The photo is just one side of the baseball.

    I found a video of him having this ball signed by Rafael Furcal:



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