Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dodgers at the Coliseum 1958

We are enjoying the fruits that the greatest generation could provide. Housing is plentiful and affordable. Jobs are everywhere. It seems like everybody is getting a new car. Styles are elegant and daring. Not only that, the Dodgers have just come to Los Angeles. Finally, the City of Angels can step onto the giant stage and proclaim themselves a metropolis. We are now living in a city with its own Major League Baseball team. Those folks on the east coast can no longer wince at us. One of the most heralded franchises in sports history is ours and we are never going to let them leave.

It is August 1958 and the Dodgers are playing at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. In your hands are the tickets, your lady friend - who you are lucky to be with - is at your side and your trusted new camera is loaded with film so as to be ready at a moments notice.

You walk along the street that heads towards the stadium and pause for a moment. Your best lady, dressed in a gown Vogue would be proud of, takes a couple of steps past you. She slowly turns and gives you a pose. Your hands are at the ready as you press the button and hear a click.
You are now within the stadium grounds. The growl of your stomach beckons to be satisfied.

You bellow, "we'll have a couple of hot dogs and cokes!"

Around the corner you spot the condiment table and wonder , "where's the ketchup?"

The field is as you remember it. The backstop rest far back along the tunnel. The press box hovers behind the fence as if suspended with wires. The visitor dugout looks empty, but you notice that the players are huddled in the shade. It's far too warm for our Northern California foes. We still have some time to finish our meal and take more pictures. Who knows? Maybe we can catch a glimpse of a Hollywood star.
The San Francisco Giants are in town this afternoon as you notice that the field is starting to fill up. The grass is not up to today's standards, but no one seems to care.
The fence in left field is a wonder to behold. Its tall wire mesh is the west coast version of Boston's "Green Monster."

What beautiful afternoon for a Baseball game.

Thanks again to Richard for providing the photos above. These are old stereo-slide pics which are smaller than the more common 35 mm seen today. Go ahead and click the photos for a larger view. Richard noted that the Coliseum was filled with wooden bench seating back then and his father recounted that they were awful to sit on.

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