Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blog Kiosk 7/13/2008

Getting over .500 is the toughest task of all.
  • I just came across this. The Long Beach Armada of the Golden Baseball League has an audio archive of nearly all of their games this year available for download. If you were interested in the games against the Chinese National Baseball Team in May you can listen to them here.
  • A New York Times writer shares his 1930's autograph scrapbook and a couple of stories; including being told, “I don’t ever want to see you again,” by Hall of Famer Lefty Grove.
  • Check out Mark Langill's interview of Tommy Lasorda recalling his days at Yankee Stadium at LA Dodger Talk. It's a great listen.
  • Roberto meets Joe Beimel and gets an early peek at his bobblehead. He also finds this great interview of James Loney.


  1. I watched Diminished Capacity was a very sloppy and dull movie. The best part of the entire film was during the card show scenes and yes, "Mr. Mint" has a lot to be upset about. :)

  2. Thanks for running my story about renting my fandom. I am a little amazed that you ONLY point out the criticism I have recieved since criticism is the vast minority of the comments I get. Most, even from Indians Fans, are positive. I post every single question I get, so there is definately more positive than negative.

    The point is, when your are in a mid market team, you get to look forward to sell-offs like this, and it is depressing. At least I am making a statement, which in my opionion, might make me a more active fan than most.


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