Friday, September 12, 2008

Baseball in England in 1755?

Last year Major League Baseball went to England to film an upcoming documentary about origins of the game. They ended up finding something unexpected.
Julian Pooley, the manager of the Surrey History Centre, said Thursday he has authenticated a reference to baseball in a diary by English lawyer William Bray dating back to 1755 -- about 50 years before what was previously believed to have been the first known reference to what became the American pastime.
The Diary entry is as follows.
"Went to Stoke Ch. This morning. After Dinner Went to Miss Jeale's to play at Base Ball with her, the 3 Miss Whiteheads, Miss Billinghurst, Miss Molly Flutter, Mr. Chandler, Mr. Ford & H. Parsons & Jelly. Drank Tea and stayed till 8."
This is fascinating stuff. Although, it shouldn't be surprising since Baseball is believed to have been developed from several English childrens games.

The film, called "Base Ball Discovered" is to be premiered at the 3rd Annual Baseball Film Festival in Cooperstown next week.

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