Thursday, September 11, 2008

Collection: 1981 Albuquerque Dukes

Its been awhile since I've posted anything from my collection. So, please check out my favorite Dodger Minor League Baseball card set. Below are cards from the 1981 Albuquerque Dukes. What makes this set so notable is the inclusion of the Sandy Koufax. I believe this is the only minor league set with a card of the Dodger Hall of Fame lefty.The Dukes that season was a phenomenal team.
They won the first half of the season by 13 games (48-16) and the second half by 10 games (46-22) and won the Pacific Coast League playoff by beating Tacoma (Oakland) three games to one.
You will also recognize many other former Dodgers. Above
is "Mr. Slow Windup" Alejandro Pena and below is triple crown winner Mike Marshall. He hit 34 homeruns, recorded 137 RBI's and batted .373 that year.

Other notables are Ron Roenicke, Brian Holton, Jack Perconte, Rudy Law and Candy Maldonado. Check out a scan of the complete set here in my photoalbum.

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