Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blog Kiosk 9/28/2008

So what are you doing on Wednesday?
  • Robert of Trolley Dodgers finds a great video at Flickr featuring the demolition of Ebbets Field in Brooklyn. Go here to see the video.
  • Trolley Dodgers also comes across some incredible photos posted by the Library of Congress on Flickr featuring the Brooklyn Dodgers from the early part of the 20th Century. Check them out here. Below is Red Smith.
  • On the day the Dodgers clinch the division title Erin watches an unsuspecting Dodger fan who accidentally falls onto the field get tackled by security. Read about it here. Heavy handed tactics by those in authority seems to be more the rule than the exception these days.
  • Of course, you must check out the hazing pics of Dodger rookies at Sons of Steve Garvey. Clayton Kershaw is dressed as Little Bo Peep.
  • Cardboard Junkie opens up packs of 2008 Upper Deck X and pulls a Furcal.
  • Night Owl Cards shows off a great early 70's set featuring the 1952 Brooklyn Dodgers from prolific card producer TCMA. They are well known for being the chief manufacturer of minor league Baseball cards in the 80's. Check out his website for more pics from the set. Clearly, the best card is below. You just can't beat a card featuring an infield with Jackie, Gil, Campy, Pee Wee and Billy Cox. One of these days I'm gonna add this set to my collection. Fortunately, they are not particularly rare or expensive. BTW, this collector blog is run by a Dodger fan so expect to find plenty of Dodger cards featured throughout.
  • Here is a brand new collector blog that will focus on vintage Topps cards and other oddball stuff called The Topps Archives. They start off great by highlighting an interesting press photo celebrating the an early Topps Company publicity stunt in the late 40's.
  • 117 original paintings used to make the 1953 Topps set have just been consigned to REA's April 2009 auction. A complete list has yet to released, but I'm hoping Pee Wee Reese shows up. The Jackie Robinson and Campanella was sold in the 1989 Guersney's Auction for $71,000 and $33,000, respectivley. Probably the most desired painting yet to find it's way to the market from this set is probably Satchel Paige. I wouldn't be surprised to see it reach well into the 6 figures if it goes on sale. Read The Infield Dirt for more.
  • This video is unbelievable. Never pass out drunk at a ball game, especially in New York. Hat Tip: Lion in Oil:

  • I promise this will be my only politically partisan post regarding our upcoming Presidential election. It's just that I dig this video so much and I love this song from Le Miserables.

YouTube Video Link: NatHeadquartersObama:

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  1. Thanks for the plug! Those are way cool photos of the early 1900s Brooklynites.


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