Saturday, December 06, 2008

AMSportsCards: Vintage Photos

Below are some great vintage photos that recently sold in an auction earlier in the week through I love these old black & white's. They just seem to exhibit more clarity and depth unseen in modern color photos. They are like snapshots in time with only the basic shades of light and dark available to tell a story.

Here is the mighty Duke Snider in a team issued photo, circa 1940's. A Dodger team stamp is on the reverse. It sold for an astounding $974.05.

Roy Campanella is crouched under the bright sun of a summer sky. It's like the heavens have opened up just for him. Have you ever seen a bigger smile? It sold for $307.05.

As the auction description says, this is a haunting photograph. A young Babe Ruth is posed at home plate with bleach white makeup on and a strange haze surrounding his presence. It was taken by the Philadelphia Daily News at the Polo Grounds. He was probably in the midst of filming his debut movie "Headin' Home." It sold for $612.95. By the way, if you ever want to watch the movie go to the newly opened Sports Museum of Los Angeles. In the Ruth exhibit they run the entire film for fans to see.
Auction Link: Ruth "Heading Home":

Here is another Ruth photo from another of his movies- "Babe Come Home." He is acknowledging the crowd as he crosses home plate after, what I assume was, a monstrous home run. The funny thing about this pic is the large LA emblem on his chest. In the movie he played for the Los Angeles Angels. It sold for $253.00.
Auction Link: Ruth "Babe Comes Home":

Here are two legendary figures from the pre-war era of Baseball. Coach Connie Mack stands stoically next to his star pitcher Robert "Lefty" Grove. The two Hall of Famers had just completed three consecutive World Series appearances while winning 2 titles in the process. They are obviously looking confident and wanting for more. It was taken at the start of 1932 season. It sold for $338.10.

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