Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Dodger Videos: Mattingly & DeWitt

Listen to Don Mattingly talk about the Dodgers and old Yankee Stadium.

YouTube Link: reelsportsfans:

Below is a 4 part interview with a bearded Blake DeWitt. Part 1.

YouTube Link: RM23RM23 #1:

Part #2.

YouTube Link: RM23RM23 #2:

Part #3.

YouTube Link: RM23RM23 #3:

Part 4.

YouTube Link: RM23RM23 #4:


  1. Mattingly sure looks happy with his ladyfriend/non-ex-wife.

    Could he have sounded any more non-commital about staying around? I thought he was supposed to be Torre's protege, his understudy. Mattingly sounds as silly as Derek Lowe when making the west coast/east coast comparison.

  2. Even with his noncommittal response I still think he'll be wearing Blue for at least this coming season.

    I probably agree with Mattingly more than I like to admit when it comes to the east vs. west battle. Having never seen a game on the east coast it's really hard for me to judge it, but I suspect that beach balls at Yankee Stadium would be unacceptable. Whereas, many Angelenos go to game to be entertained, I suspect Red Sox Nation lives, breaths and dies with the team.

    Thats not to say us west coast fans aren't similar. It's just that I think that passion is in much greater numbers on the east and that they clearly outnumber those who come to be just entertained.


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