Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hoffman Says No To The Blue

Trevor Hoffman had two offers on the table- one from the Dodgers who are closer to home and another from the Brewers who are located in the cold wilderness of Wisconsin.

Who knows what the Dodgers offered (it hasn't been leaked yet), but it doesn't matter. He has chosen to go east. Trevor Hoffman is reported to have accepted a $6 million base contract plus $1.5 million in incentives to play for the Brew Crew.

A part of me is a bit disappointed. After all, he's a Hall of Fame closer who is driven to break the 600 saves mark. Proper motivation is always a plus. On the other hand, is the reported price tag worth it?

Fortunately, with Kuo, Elbert, Troncoso, Wade and Broxton in the bullpen so far I think the young kids can more than handle the job.


  1. In the long run it will be better for the Dodgers. Trevor's blown too many big games over the last couple of years to warrant that price. Our boys need to step it up!

  2. Thank goodness. Not like we needed Hoffman anyway. I really wish Ned didn't have such an attraction to overpriced, washed-up veterans.


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