Saturday, February 14, 2009

H&S: Jerseys, Bats and Trophies, Oh My!

Even with the slumping economy sport auctions continue unabated. Huggins & Scott recently closed their February auction that featured many Dodgers related items.

Here is a Tommy Lasorda game worn jersey that dates to the 1981 season. It even features a UNICEF patch on the left sleeve. It sold for $850.00.

This is an item I would proudly put up on my wall. Below is a game used jersey and bat of Fernando Valenzuela. In pristine condition it dates to the early to late 1980's.
A white knit button-down garment with “Dodgers” angled across the chest in solid blue twill, “34” sewn to the back in blue-on-white double twill and “VALENZUELA” arched just above in like fashion. In a style unique to the Dodgers (and temporarily copied by Montreal), the uniform number appears on the left front in red. A “W.A. Goodman & Sons” size “44” local manufacturer's label resides within the collar.
It sold for a relatively affordable $600.00.
Auction Link: Valenzuela Game Used Jersey & Bat:

Below is a game used bat used by "should be" Hall of Famer Gil Hodges. It's in great condition and sold for a lofty $2,300.00.

I always wonder how something as wonderful as this World Series trophy ends up on the auction block. Below is Derrel Thomas 1981 World Series trophy. It sold for $3,750.00.
Auction Link: 1981 WS Trophy:

I'm pretty sure I've briefly written about this set in the past. This auction features a complete 10 card set of 1952 Coca Cola Playing Tips. It features players from the Dodgers, Giants and Yankees and are very difficult to find; especially in good condition. Dodger players Pee Wee Reese, Gil Hodges and Carl Furillo are featured. The team schedule and a color drawing of the player are featured on the front. This complete set sold for $7,500.00.


  1. I remember Fernando-mania. I always liked the kid.

    Nice display - did you get any of those ?


  2. Lasorda is an icon, but it's amazing that a manager's jersey is selling for close to four digits.


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