Thursday, May 07, 2009

Collection: 1984 Union Oil Most Memorable Moments: 1963 World Series

The Dodgers have always won through great pitching and the year 1963 is an example of that. The above 1984 Union Oil Most Memorable Moments sheet celebrates the Dodgers World Championship that year and appropriately features the pitching trio of Sandy Koufax, Johnny Podres and Don Drysdale.

Sandy won 25 that year, Drysdale won 19, Podres notched 14 victories and our closer, Ron Perranoski, won an amazing 16 games in relief. Our team ERA was 2.85 and we gave up only 402 walks while recording 1095 strike outs. We just dominated on the mound. So much so, in fact, that we ended up sweeping both playoff series that year against the Cardinals and Yankees. Check out the description on the back of the sheet below. It provides a great synopsis.

Artwork by Paul Kratter.

Check out the rest of the set here in my photoalbum, or the following link with my post about each sheet.
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