Wednesday, May 06, 2009

HYee on eBay: More Great Photos

eBay has many sellers that I consistently check out. HYee is one of them. He always has great material to stare at and even make a bid on. Unfortunately, I was just a window shopper last week.

Below is a photo of the Dodger mascot, Emmett Kelly, as the "Bum." This pic was not taken at Ebbets field, but with a traveling troupe called the Cole Brothers- Clyde Beatty circus while in Chicago. This photo sold for a very reasonable $6.50.

Sandy and his giant leg kick. This photo is from 1956, was issued by International News Photos and was taken by photographer Herbie Scharfman of Sports Illustrated. Pics of Koufax in a Brooklyn uniform are very rare. The closing price on this photo was an amazing $837.69.

I can never get enough of Jackie Robinson in action. Below we see Jackie reaching for a liner that is sure to be a base hit. Fortunately for Dodger nation Jackie snags the ball. Not only that, this pic was taken on September 22, 1953 which happens to be Jackie's first day as a Dodger shortstop. This completed a career infield round-robin as he already had played first, second and third base in Blue. It sold for $152.50.

Here is another Jackie Robinson photo. This time he is signing for the kids. It sold for an astounding $686.00. Wow. What a price. I wonder is the winning bidder recognized himself in the photo.

Below is a 1950's candy topper plastic bust of Jackie Robinson. I have been personally looking for this item to add to my collection for quite some time. In fact, at the National convention in Anaheim a few years ago I was trolling through some tables and came across a collector who had just picked up an example just like the one below for $75.00. I was beside myself because I was just about to get to that table in a few minutes. This guy had beat me to it. I asked him if he would sell it to me, but he balked. I think he realized what a great deal he found. The reason this particular item is rare is because it includes the clear base. Very few bases have survived the test of time. In the 1990's a warehouse find of these bust were discovered, but they did not include clear bases, so having the base included is pretty special. It sold for $327.12.

I may have shown a photo like this in the past. But who cares. How can you not love the Babe in a beard. This photo was taken during a barnstorming tour in the 1930's with the House of David crew. It sold for $224.50.

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