Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Game Blog

Here we go. On to the game.
  • First pitch by Wolf and a single by Lopez. Second pitch is a seeing-eye single by Roberts. What a great start!
  • I can't get over how beautiful this day has been.
  • On that little grounder to the pitcher for the 2nd out of the 1st inning I had to stop myself from cheering Wolf's play. I don't think anyone heard me do a half-yelp.
  • Wolf gets out cheaply enough in the 1st inning. He has allowed one run on 2 hits and a walk.
7:37 PM
  • Wolf ain't sharp. Through 7 batters he has thrown 33 pitches. I'll take that back. He has actually thrown a lot of strikes. The DBacks are just fouling off a bunch.
7:46 PM
  • It just got ugly. Upton hit his first career grand slam. DBack 5, Dodgers 0.
7:54 PM
  • Ethier got all of that! We all knew it was out of here once the ball left the bat.
8:03 PM
  • They just did a nice little tribute during the break to Sweet Lou Johnson.
8:23 PM
  • The DBacks continue to hit it through the right side of the infield.
  • Nevermind, Roberts gets doubled up on Upton's liner to Blake.
  • Orlando does his best Jeter impression by jumping into the stands to catch the 3rd out.
8:45 PM
  • Wolf done for the night. 6 innings and gave up 5 runs.
9:03 PM
  • Nancy Bea and her husband Bill are celebrating their 52nd anniversary tonight.
  • Tonight's attendance 32,853.
9:37 PM
  • 8th inning Rally. Bases loaded and two out.
  • Pena gets the hook after walking in the Dodger 2nd run.
9:44 PM
  • Are you kidding me! Game all tied up now. Loney clears the bases with a double off of Schlereth.
  • This team never gives up!
  • Dodgers take the lead. Broxton in the pen to close it out! WooHoo!!!!!
9:49 PM
  • It's now the 9th inning and the "Big Man" is coming to close it out. Go Brox!!!
9:59 PM
  • Dodger win! I couldn't have gone to a better game. They come back from being 4 runs down to win it. Awesome!


  1. You're a good-luck charm now, Ernest!

  2. Wow, what a game you got to see.

    Hope the experience was memorable.

  3. Great pics Ernest - did you ask Joe a question?

  4. I feel charmed for having the opportunity to be at the game. Unfortunately, I didn't ask Torre a question. Ya know, when you prepare to show up with questions in hand. Well, I was ready until my mind farted and I went totally blank. Oh well

  5. That's a great report... what a great experience - so jealous! Congrats.


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