Saturday, June 06, 2009

Ladies Go GaGa Over Ethier

Kershaw And Ethier were signing at Macy's yesterday. Here is a video of their introduction as you can hear the cheers from the fans. Especially obvious is the "rock star" status Ethier is gaining.

Flickr Video: DaBruins07:

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  1. I was there, and it was a crazy event. There were lines everywhere, and hundreds of screaming girls. You had to spend $75 to get a Macy's baseball. My wife got there before the store opened, and she was still about 150th in line. There was a seperate line for people who didn't buy the ball, and plenty of people standing around(as you can see in the video). The people who paid for the autograph were pulled away if they tried to take a picture, while the people who didn't pay, and were just standing around, were able to get up close and take pictures. The event was a little unorganized.


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