Saturday, June 06, 2009

Upper Deck May Have Hit It Big

Upper Deck recently released pics of cards from their upcoming new set called 2009 Goodwin Champions Baseball. So far, I like what I see.

The design is borrowed from a late 19th century vintage set put out in 1888 called Goodwin Champions. They originally measured 1 1/2" X 2 5/8" and were inserted in 10-count slide & shell boxes of Old Judge and Gypsy Queen Cigarettes.

This set consisted of 50 cards and featured only 8 Baseball players. Below is a Brooklyn Bridegrooms Bob Caruthers card from this set.
(Pic Link: Old Cardboard)

The other ballplayers include Cap Anson, Ed Andrews, Dan Brouthers, Fred Dunlap, Jack Glasscock, Tim Keefe and King Kelly. Non-Baseball subjects include marksman, boxers and bicyclist. Notable figures like Jack Dempsey, John L.Sullivan and Buffalo Bill Cody are included in the set. In fact, Upper Deck is making a new version of Cody's card as you can see below.
The Manny card is the set is just gorgeous. The stormy skies in the background give this card a ominous look. He looks zeroed in and ready to hit the next pitch.
Below are other pics they released that really caught my eye. Here is Bo Jackson and Ichiro.
Non-sport subjects will also be a part of the 2009 Upper Deck set. Along with the Buffalo Bill Cody card above Abraham Lincoln and other famous folks will be featured.
The strangest card in the set is this limited insert Thoroughbred Hair Cut of Smarty Jones.
See the rest of the photos at Upper Deck's Facebook page.

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