Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The National Promos From Topps

As some of you may know the 30th Annual National Sports Collectors Convention will be taking place in late July in Cleveland, Ohio. It is the highlight event of the year and most major collectors will travel far and wide to attend. Unfortunately, I will not be going this year, but I am hopeful collectors on the 'tubes will pass along their insights and photos from the event. (Hint, Hint: Please pass along any photos and your thoughts about the show if you are attending)

As always, there will be numerous corporate sponsors setting up booths. All of the big players will be there; from Topps to Upper Deck, PSA to Beckett, NFL Players Association to Sports Card Forum. In addition, many of these sponsors will be handing out specials limited edition promotional cards that are usually made available to VIP attendees.

Topps recently unveiled their VIP promo set and it includes a couple of Dodgers. Unfortunately, one of the cards has me a little on edge.

The Topps promos are fashioned after the vintage 1959 Topps Baseball card set and it includes only fantasy cards, or "Cards That Never Were." Roy Campanella, as you can see below, gets his very own card as Honorary Coach. The year before he suffered through a debilitating accident and would never play a game again. In recognition of his leadership to the Dodgers he became a special coach to the team at their Spring Training facility in Vero Beach, FL.
Now the card below is just wrong. Even though it's of the great Jackie Robinson I can't stand looking at it for longer than a second or two. There is a reason the card like this would never exist- because it is just wrong.

The Jackie Robinson "Card that Never Was" features him in a Giants uniform. I know, I know! Sacrilegious!

As you may know, after the 1956 season Jackie retired from Baseball after his trade to the hated Giants. The popular story is that he refused to join the team he despised. Now, Topps wonders aloud what he would have looked like in their uniform. If I was attending and picked up this card it would hard not to do something drastic.

I might literally find myself pulling out a lighter and burning it right there. The thought that a card like this actually exist makes me want to puke.
Of course, if you are attending and happen to be in possession of the card. Well... I would be happy to take it off your hands.


  1. I'm pretty certain if I had that Robinson card, I would either sell it or destroy it. Those are the only options.

  2. Hey Ernest,

    I believe I have gone to 2 Nationals before. Any idea when it will make a appearance @ Southern California?

    Next year is at Baltimore...

    Also, do you remember Ballpark Promotions? What happened to them?

  3. Hey Roberto,

    It may take some time before they bring back the National to Anaheim. If I remember right, the selection of Anaheim (the last time around) was controversial to begin with as East Coast dealers, overall, hate coming out here and the attendance and revenues earned by dealers in Anaheim is not what it use to be. Many large dealers refused to come out here. Admittedly, attendance at the last National in Anaheim was terrible. At least, I thought it was. I remember the big shows in the 80's and 90's when it was impossible to walk across the aisles. At the National a fews ago I easily walked around with a cart to carry my wares.

    Ballpark Promotions. Wow! That's a name from the past. Wasn't that company owned by a really tall dude and he was a little goofy? I am certain they are no longer around. In fact, I believe there is only 1 local promoter in SoCal called Naxcom.

    I remember setting up several tables at shows promoted by Ballpark. They were pretty good and one of the more honest promoters in the business.

    If I may ask, how do you remember them? That's pretty random and I don't think they were around very long. Were you a dealer back then?

  4. I just sent you a e-mail Ernest. I do remember those days where the crowds were big! Especially during the 90's.

  5. One of these days I am going to write about my experience as a card dealer in the late 80's and early 90's. There were so many strange characters in the hobby back then. I just do not know were to begin.

    Maybe over the holiday weekend I'll write about my very first show that was in a mall in Anaheim (I Think that's right) run by twin brothers- i believe they were the Borthwick Brothers.


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