Friday, July 17, 2009

Dodger Correspondence: Fred Fitzsimmons

I have returned with a new edition of Dodger Correspondence- letters written by old-time Dodger players to their fans.

I am sure many of you have, especially while you were younger, written a letter to your favorite player asking for an autograph and maybe some words of encouragement. For instance, last week I shared a letter from NorCal resident Dickey Ow who asked Ernie Koy what he should do to be a professional ballplayer. Other times you might ask about the highlight of a players career like when Earl Mosser shared with Jim how he struck out Stan "The Man" Musial in his first inning of work in the big leagues.

Today I share a letter written by Fred Fitzsimmons, otherwise known as "Fat Freddie", to a fan named Dean who wants to know who was the greatest player he ever played with or against. That's a very difficult question to ask from a man who played and coached professionally from 1920 to 1966.
You asked me who I thought was the greatest player I ever played with or against. I could not pick any one. There were a number of Great players. Hornsby- Frisch, Terry- Ott, Traynor, Waner Brothers - Lloyd & Paul, Hartnett, Roush, Hubbell. Dean, these are players in the Nat. League. Ruth, Cronin in the American League. I was a very lucky fellow to be able to play as long as I did.

I started in 1920 and finished in 1966. 19 years in the National League pitching- Won 217, pitched in 3 World Series, coached in 3 World Series.
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  1. That's very cool! Always nice to see players returning fan letters.


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