Friday, August 28, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Preview

On Upper Deck's Facebook page they recently released some preview photos from their upcoming Baseball card set called Sweet Spot Baseball. Above is the Manny Ramirez base card from the set. This set is very popular due to randomly inserted autographed cut pieces of baseballs, bats or leather on a card. This year they have added some special autographs that I'm sure the collector community will go mad over. They had Michael Jordan and LeBron James sign some stuff for the set.

UPDATE: There is one thing I find most frustrating about these early previews. It seems that if they show a Dodger it is always Manny. I know he is our high profile superstar, but are there not other team members worthy of inclusion in the previews? How about our burgeoning ace Clayton Kershaw, or our soon to be superstar Matt Kemp. Anyway, that is my little bit of venting for the afternoon.

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