Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dodger Correspondence: Our Congratulations

The more I find out about the Brooklyn borough and their affection for the Dodgers the more amazed I become. They really loved their team and their players.

On September 25, 1956, Sal Maglie, known as Sal the Barber for his propensity to throw inside, threw a no-hitter. As soon as the hometown faithful found out they went to all lengths to congratulate the hurler.

Recently on eBay examples of this came up for bid. Below are a series of congratulatory telegrams sent to Maglie.
There never was a better one pitched, either, because nobody really got his bat on the ball and there wasn't a hard chance. -Carry Schumacher
Sal was very dominant that evening. He walked two and hit one batter.

The below telegram gets right to the point.
Congratulations Sal on your no hitter, now do it to the Yankees in the World Series. -Al St. Onge

eBay Auction Link: Maglie Telegram:

The series of 3 videos below are really special. It includes audio from the last inning of Maglie's no-hitter and features the voices of Jerry Doggett and Vin Scully.

YouTube Link: FloralParkKid Part 1:
Part 2.

YouTube Link: FloralParkKid Part 2:
Part 3.

YouTube Link: FloralParkKid Part 3:

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