Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dodgers ThinkCure! Auction

The 2nd annual ThinkCure! Auction is currently online. Please go here to check it out. ThinkCure! funds collaborative research to cure cancer. Last year they raised over $165,000.00. You have until August 24th to bid, so get going.

There are all kinds of different things to bid on; including an opportunity to visit Vin Scully in the broadcasting booth, a team signed Fender guitar, a Spring Training vacation package, a bunch of signed jerseys and a chance to co-host DodgerTalk. You can even sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" or have Ken Levine critique your script. Below are some of those great items.

This would look great on the wall or plugged into an amp ready to make some noise.
Stephen Holland is the official artist of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Below is his painting of the great Jackie Robinson.

Below is a wonderful painting of the 1955 Dodgers done by Opie Otterstad. From the auction description:

There may be no rivalry in sports history more noted than the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers. And for over a decade the nation watched these two teams battle to the bitter end year after year as they faced each other in the World Series 5 times between 1941 and 1953. Each year the Yankees defeated the Dodgers. Leaving the Brooklyn fans saying "wait 'til next year."

This was more then a friendly rivalry between two teams. This defined a generation of New Yorker's and baseball fans. it was blue collar vs. white collar, neighborhood vs. neighborhood, neighbor vs. neighbor, and it was a feud that took a game otherwise measured one season at a time, to an epic of baseball history.

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  1. We would like to wish ThinkCure all the best of luck with their auction. Often when the works of Opie and Holland show up in auction people are unaware of who they are and how valuable the art is. So I thought it would be good to help with that.

    If you would like to see and lean more about the art of the most noted artists of sports, please follow these links.

    artist Stephen Holland's

    artist Opie Otterstad's

    The two works that are up for auction have some great stories behind them, that people should read:

    Stephen Holland's Jackie Robinson limited edition print, write-up and video

    Opie Otterstads 1955 Dodgers limited edition print write-up

    Once again, we wish you a great auction.


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