Wednesday, August 26, 2009

eBay: More Dodger Stuff

Here are some great Dodger items that came up on eBay.

Below is a All Star press pass from 1966 that featured Sandy Koufax's last appearance in the annual game. The National League won in extra innings (10), 2 to 1. Maury Wills knocked in the winning run.

I know I've written this before, but I can never get enough of the Babe in a Dodgers uniform. Below is a rare Bra-Mac photo of Gabby Hartnett and Babe Ruth from 1938.
These "colorized" versions of Burke's black and white photos were produced by the Burke/Brace studio from hand-tinted 8"x10" prints. In many cases, labels were affixed for the lettering (recognize those from the old-style label-makers?) Brace himself selected the photos and researched the original colors. Once the hand-coloring process was completed, the whole photo was re-shot to produce these smaller, matte-finish color photographs. Much rarer than their black and white or sepia-toned counterparts, these were called "Bra-Mac" photos (after George Brace and the colorist, Bill MacAlister), and were sold exclusively through hobby shops and the Burke/Brace studio in Chicago.

Here is a 1960's LA Dodgers kitchen apron. It says what we all think.
"To Heck with Housework, Let's See the Dodgers Play."

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