Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blog Kiosk: 9/20/2009

  • Night Owl Cards puts together his All Dodger Oughts team. In other words, his team of this decade.
  • Apparently, yesterday was National Collect Like A Pirate Day so Cardboard Junkie made some custom cards. GCRL makes his own card of Piazza as a pirate.
  • This is why the Internet and blogs are so great- you get to read about the funny stories told by ballplayers before they decide to write a biography of their career. Dodger Minor Leaguer, Brian Akin, writes on his own blog about a funny story involving Chin-Lung Hu and a coffee pot. You heard me right- a coffee pot. You've got to read all about it. (Hat Tip: Diamond Notes)
  • MSTI has a great photo retrospective featuring Andre Ethier's walk-off magic this year.
  • Check out some pics of Zach's tour of the Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball.
  • Olbermann passes along a great little tidbit about the Brooklyn Dodgers former home- Ebbets Field.
    "...The last confirmed new stadium screw-up on that level came in Brooklyn in 1913 when Charlie Ebbets opened his new home for the Dodgers. Reporters followed Ebbets to centerfield for the ceremonial raising of the flag, everybody applauded, and then some scribe asked "So, Charlie, where do we sit?" It was only then that the Dodger owner realized that Ebbets Field had been built without a press box."
  • Are you an old man who sits on the porch complaining about the kids around you? Then you need to check out the first 3 "Problems With Young People" trading card set. Just awesome, and I expect more will be unveiled over the coming weeks. (Hat Tip: A Cardboard Problem)
  • David Levin shows off a recent find of 32 Old Judge Cabinet cards from the late 1800's.
  • And here is a video about the above Fargo Find of Old Judge Cabinets.

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