Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ethier/ Snider Legendary Lineage?

Below is another 2010 Topps card. It has me shaking my head.
As you can see it features Andre Ethier and Duke Snider in a limited edition insert set called "Legendary Lineage." I would think (I'm assuming here obviously) that this would mean it features a connection between two players on the same franchise who play the same position in different eras.

So, why are they linked together? The Duke was a center fielder and Andre is our right fielder. What gives?

eBay auction link here.


  1. Don't complain too much -- yours are both outfielders.

    I have a David Wright/Gary Carter card to look for if I decide to bother with this little insert set.

  2. They are both white and have 6 letters in their last name

  3. There are a lot of cards out there like this. As Paul said, consider yourself that they're both outfielders... in some products they take players that don't even belong to the same franchise.


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