Thursday, April 15, 2010

NOOOOOOOO! An Overtime Loss for the Kings

It was a great Game 1 in the quarterfinal playoff game between the Kings and the Canucks. Unfortunately, it ended up in a loss for the Kings as Vancouver scored in overtime to win.

Yes, I am a little down, but I'm far from discouraged. The Kings came out roaring as tight and hard checking ruled day from the early going. They cycled well, scored 2 power play goals, and goaltender Jonathon Quick was sharp in his playoff debut. I know, given another time in space this game could easily have been a win for the LA team.

Fortunately, this is a 7 game series and one loss does not mean a thing. There will be another day and this fan is looking forward to that next match. One item of concern was defenseman Jack Johnson as he committed a delay of game- puck over the glass penalty that lead to a Canuck power play goal. That's a foul that should not be happening in the playoffs. Nevertheless, he played well enough the rest of the way to warrant my forgiveness.

This coming Saturday is Game 2 and I expect I'll be glued to the television waiting for the Kings to avenge this loss.

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