Thursday, May 06, 2010

University of Cincinnati: Sandy Koufax

Check out Gary's Sandy Koufax homemade card at The Infinite Baseball Card Set blog. He features the Hall of Fame pitcher in a University of Cincinnati Baseball uniform (c. 1954) and provides a great biography of this hurlers athletic exploits. In fact, he points out that Koufax was more well known as a Basketball player in his youth than a pitcher. That's something I didn't know. The best part, though, is below.
He had a blazing fastball but was very wild. The regular catcher refused to catch him and legend has it the coach would have Sandy warm up on the sideline and let the opposing team see his screaming 100 mile per hour fastball of which he had no control over. It was intimidating to say the least.
No kidding!

I think it is also important to add that Gary has turned his virtual online infinite Baseball card set into actual real-life cardboard gold. He is now selling the first 20 cards from his artistic masterpiece, complete with a vintage looking pack. Check it out here.

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