Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Tradeoff and Compromise

Frank McCourt has met payroll this month. So, it appears we have to go through more torture before the end. As you would expect, via ESPN, we find out that McCourt will mortgage the future potential revenue of the ballclub for the short term gain of staying in the game.

Since McCourt has been unable to secure traditional loans to fund the cash-strapped Dodgers, front office executives in charge of revenue were charged with finding more creative ways to help float the troubled franchise for two more weeks.

Current team sponsors were contacted and offered discounts on their annual bills and luxury box stadium seats in exchange for cash up front, according to two sources. It is not known which sponsors took the offer, or the depth of discount they were given.

I had no doubt that McCourt would fight til the very end. He will sacrifice everything, trading in the health and well-being of the Dodgers, to prove that he belongs. He wants to prove to MLB and the City of Los Angeles that he can be a good steward of the team. I have my doubts, of course, but this had me thinking.

Is there a situation that would cause me to take a second look at the man. Would I be willing to change my view of him and his past ownership of the team?

After a lot of thought, I came up with one scenario that might suffice.

If McCourt were willing to sell a sizable portion of the franchise (not even a controlling stake) to an investor group who would naturally act as an interested outside constituency, then I can see myself singing a different tune.

It kills two birds with one stone. The team would generate the necessary cash to continue operating without mortgaging the future while showing to me his willingness to be accountable to someone other than his own whims. It would show to me that he would allow himself to be regulated by a outside body- a investor group with a desire to maintain and uphold fiduciary management of the club.

Yes, I can forgive and forget, but it won't come without strings. If you show a willingness to be accountable, then I'm willing to compromise on my utter disdain for you.


  1. There is no way that I will ever like Frank McCourt. He has done so much damage to the team that I will never forgive him. If McCourt somehow survives this and MLB gives him back team control, I will NOT renew my mini plan.

  2. I don't blame ya... i definitely lean more towards your position, but, as I wrote, there is one remote possibility that could sway me to think differently.


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