Sunday, July 17, 2011

Daily Conlon: #173 Rube Bressler - Three Dodgers on Third Base

Here is today's Daily Conlon card numbered #173 of former Brooklyn Dodger Rube Bressler as he describes one of the goofiest Dodger mishaps to ever happen.
"Do you remember the time three Dodgers would up on third base? It started out with Babe Herman up at bat with none out and the bases loaded. Hank DeBerry was on third, Vance on second, and Chick Fewster on first. Babe hit a ball out to right field and it was hard to say whether it would be caught or would hit the wall. Turned out it hit the wall, and DeBerry came home from third easily. Vance held up so long on second, waiting to see if the ball would be caught, that he could only make it halfway to home- so at the last minute he decided to play it safe and scampered back to third. Chick Fewster kept on going from first and made it to third, so that as Vance came back to third Fewster was already there, standing on the base. And Babe Herman just kept on going as fast as he could, without looking up at anything. So as Vance slid back to third, and Fewster stood on the base, Babe slid into third from the second-base side!

"The third baseman tagged all three of them."

"The umpire finally declared Fewster and Herman out."
Sounds like a circus on the base paths.

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