Friday, September 16, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 9/16/2011

Here's Fernando Valenzuela, this morning, at City Hall being honored during Latino Heritage Month, via Los Angeles Dodgers Twitter Lockerz.
  • Longtime Dodger fan Larry King is canceling his season tickets due to McCourt, via Farther Off the Wall.
  • Dodgers ask whether ownership is affecting season-ticket renewal, via Bill Shaikin of LA Times.
  • Bob Lemke recalls what happened to some of the relics from Ebbets Field.
    The TSN article did have other specifics, though. It was mentioned that $2,300 was realized in the auction. By far the biggest bid was for the cornerstone, purchased for $600 by then-president of the National League, Warren Giles.

    The Ebbets Field cornerstone was described as about 3' by 4' by 1', cut from red-brown Connecticut Granite. After considerable effort, the stone was busted open and a copper box extracted.
  • Panini enters the Baseball card market. They will be releasing Baseball cards, licensed by MLBPA, later this year.
  • Jesse at Los Angeles Inspiration was a big winner during the Dodgers #SocialSeptember. Congrats!
  • In LA Kings news, standout franchise defenseman is now officially a holdout. Damn you Drew! Read the interview with Kings GM about this situation at LA Kings Insider. In my opinion, a 7 year deal at $6.8mil is more than fair- way more than fair!
  • Nick Diunte puts up Part 5 of his interview with Carl Erskine. And watch the video below.

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