Friday, September 16, 2011

Daily Conlon: 325 through 333

Here are todays Daily Conlon cards numbered 325 through 333. It features not only Charles Conlon himself (located on the top row, far right) but also Dodger hurler Nap Rucker (bottom row, far right). As you know by now, Charles Conlon is arguably the most famous of all Baseball photographers. He worked the field for nearly 4 decades, and as is credited with capturing the Ty Cobb "sliding into base" photograph that every fan has seen. Strangely, photography started out only as a hobby for Conlon (then in his mid-30's) until a sports editor for The Spalding Base Ball Guide encouraged him to take it on full time. He subsequently dominated the field throughout the 20's and 30's.

The Rucker card celebrates his no-hitter on September 5, 1908 against the Boston Braves. As stated on the reverse:
Nap Rucker, a career .500 pitcher, was struck with a hapless Brooklyn team in 1908 that finished 46 games out of first. But on September 5, the crafty Georgia southpaw was overpowering. He walked no one and fanned 14, striking out the side in the fourth inning. Three Brooklyn errors deprived him of a perfect game.
That figures. The Brooklyn Bums ruined his chance at perfection.

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